Middle Men  [ 中介商(台) ]

Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) is a legitimate Texas businessman who wanders off the straight-and-narrow path when he meets Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), a slimy pair of Internet porn profiteers. Jack’s association with the men leads to his involvement with a host of other lowlifes, and though he tries to convince himself that he is staying clean in a dirty business, his disintegrating family situation proves otherwise.

Genre : Drama, comedy, crime,

Region : U.S.A

Director : George Gallo

Cast : Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabri Macht, James Ken, Jessie, Barbara Kevin Pollack, Lara Wright, Ladd Shebodzga, Terry Cruz, Liam Xi, Kelhi Granmo, Graham McTavish, Luo Bert Foster, John Ashton, Jason Antoon, Martin Kove

Release : 2010-08-06 (United States)

: English

Subtitles : Thai,Malaysian,Vietnamese,Indonesian,English,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese

Titles : Middle Men, 中介商(台),Middle Men

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