The Night Manager - 1 [ The Night Manager ]

”Night manager” (The Night Manager) is produced by the British BBC crime drama reasoning, directed by Susanne Bier, Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Silvia Coleman, Elizabeth Derby Qi, Tom Holland del, starring David Haywood. The play focuses on veterans Jonathan Pine supply information to the intelligence agencies over the hotel’s night shift, after ”hidden” black market arms dealer Richard Roper arm spy news story. The play on February 21, 2016 premiere in the UK. Had participated in the war in Iraq British veterans Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston ornaments), after retiring as a night manager at a luxury hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Jonathan fell in love with a mysterious woman in the hotel Sophie (Ole Attica ornaments), Sophie is the largest arms smugglers mistress, she gave Jonathan a British arms black market involving heavyweights Richard Oslo Rop (Hugh Laurie ornaments) confidential files, he went to British intelligence informants, but Sophie did not take long because the leak was killed in the hotel room. Jonathan also turn grief-stricken went to Switzerland Zermatt hotel work. Four years later, Jonathan arms chiefs went inauguration Hotel resort, British female intelligence officer Angela Bull (Olivia Silvia Coleman ornaments) initiative to find Jonathan, I hope he can join their own organizations to help them investigate Hotel underground intelligence network and the arms trade. Thus, in order to revenge Sophie, in order to penetrate into the interior of the arms chiefs, he let himself become criminals undercover them.

Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery,

Region : US, UK

Director : Susanne Bier

Cast : Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Silvia Coleman, Elizabeth Derby Qi, Tom Del Holland, David Haywood

Release : 2016

: English

Titles : The Night Manager,The Night Manager,The Night Manager

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