The legend of chinese zodiac - 1

The story happened in ancient times, the orphan star Tiger (Dylan Kuo ornaments) and Yan (Like Wang decorated) since childhood love, village by demons (Miao Haizhong ornaments) to confuse the star Tiger lover saw take away other’s woman by force, for the salvation of his death, was temporarily Jihuo sick, he (Roy) and the disciple snow pity (Li Manshi) to rescue, cure, star Tiger took pity on the search for the snow man and the twelve zodiac road. Two people after suffering came to Phoenix, met m Jun (Benny Chan ornaments) and non small fish King (Zheng Weishi), ”day, star Tiger was missing the jade plate” divine extraordinary jade plate to the distant mountains of Helan, to find the sheep Zodiac reincarnation of people Zhi Xin (Chen Derong ornaments), by virtue of their divine jade disc a total length of three orders in three came to the eyes, looking for signs of reincarnation of people hidden. Unexpectedly, followed by demons by human greed will become the devil......

Genre : The plot, the fantasy, the ancient costume,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Li Dong

Cast : Dylan Kuo, Benny Chan, Li Man, Yu Na, Yang Mi, Roy, Zheng Wei, Zhang Shan, Like Wang, Zheng Yu, Jin Song, Mou Fengbin, Zhao Yi, Shi Xiaolong, Victor Chen, Vivian Chan, Fei Zhenxiang, Scheinin,, Lou

Release : 2011

: Mandarin

Titles : The legend of chinese zodiac,十二生肖传奇

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