Mad Max 4: Fury Road  [ 末日先锋:战甲飞车(港),疯狂麦斯:愤怒道(台),冲锋飞车队4,迷雾追魂手4,冲锋追魂手4,疯狂麦克斯4,Mad Max 4: Fury Road ]

Future of the world, water shortages caused continuous war. People are killing each other, compete for limited resources, planet into a bloody battlefield full of dead killings. Joe face terror dead in the desert valley to establish a powerful kingdom armed difficult to shake, his men driving Lang war chariot equipped with sophisticated weapons looked looting, excessive rage, and even their children playing war machine. In a recent operation, the immortal warrior Joe’s Deli Fred Osa (Charlize Theron Charlize Theron ornaments) who defected with fertility, which made Joe angry undead, vowed to recover reproducers. Experienced intense chase and destroy the strong force of dust storms, Fred Osa as the blood of the Lord and Max (Tom Hardy Tom Hardy ornaments) was forced to hit the road, and not only behind Joe undead pursuers, as well as gasoline town, bullet farm heavily chase.

Genre : Action, sci-fi, adventure,

Region : Australia, United States

Director : George Miller

Cast : Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keith - Byrne, Josh Herman, Nathan Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Han Ding Dayton - Terri Hui, Lily Keya Fu, Abby Leigh, Courtney Eaton, Angus Sampson, Richard Carter, Megan Gale, Sean Harper

Release : 2015-05-15 (United States), 2015-05-14 (Australia)

: English

Titles : Mad Max 4: Fury Road, 末日先锋:战甲飞车(港),疯狂麦斯:愤怒道(台),冲锋飞车队4,迷雾追魂手4,冲锋追魂手4,疯狂麦克斯4,Mad Max 4: Fury Road,Mad Max: Fury Road

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